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Air Pollution Modelling

CERC UK Ltd developed the ADMS-urban dispersion model which has been used to produce pollution maps of London for the GLA (and more widely across the UK) in relation to EU legislation compliance and to inform policy decisions.

A licence and software to facilitate the application of this model to Moscow has been provided together with training. Maps of current pollution and future predictions can be generated to provide fine-scale pollution data for those areas where monitoring is not currently carried out and to predict future air quality where policy measures suggest changes in emissions will occur. This information can be used in town planning, traffic management and air quality management.

The main input data is derived from the London maintained by the GLA. The London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory includes sources of emissions for key pollutants, traffic modes and vehicle age, speed and emissions data.

Meteorological data and other local site information is essential to the model and the involvement of the Met Office is therefore significant.

This part of the project will be led by Dr. David Carruthers of CERC Ltd in the UK and the Russian State Hydrometeorological University, MED and SEEM in Moscow.